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Consultancy Services

We, Lakestone Logistics cc, are justly proud of our extremely efficient and professional consultancy service that we offer,covering all aspects of freight forwarding and customs clearing. We are very happy to provide consultancy to you, whether as an individual, small business or large corporation.

The  consultancy services we offer are:

Shipping Systems and Costs Survey

This entails a full examination of your shipping systems currently in use and includes an analysis of:
  • Ordering or Indent Placing
  • Most Favourable Inco Terms.
  • Freight costs
  • Shipment Flow and Transit times
  • Document Flow
  • Customs tariffs and duties paid
  • Clearing costs

On completion of our examination we will give you a full written report detailing any deficiencies found and make recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our consultant will gladly meet with you to discuss the report.

Bonded Warehouse Application
We assist manufacturers or importers to set up their own bonded warehouses. This includes the submission of applications, drawings of warehouse, the setting up of a bond register,
Registration of Importers and Exporters
All Importers and Exporters in South Africa are required to  register with  South African Revenue Services for allocation of a unique Customs Code. This code is required for the submission of customs clearance.
We assist new importers/exporters to complete the application forms and then submit the original application to Pretoria. Photostatic copies, faxes and E mails are not permissible.

Import and Export Permits/Licenses
Certain products are controlled by various Governmental Agencies and require permits to be issued before import or export can take place. Very high penalties are imposed on any product arriving at a port or airport in SA without the required permit being issued
We assist importers or exporters in completing applications and we submit the applications to the appropriate SARS office.

South African Revenue Services – Customs and Excise

From time to time and under certain circumstances Customs and Excise will query values declared by importers on which customs duty is paid. This is normal where the supplier of the goods is "related" to the importer in South Africa. When this happens Customs normally communicate directly with the importer, who can be quite bewildered by the requirements called for by customs.
We assist by liaising, on behalf of the importer, with Customs and submitting all documentation and other requirements.

General Liaison with Customs and Excise
We assist importers and exporters to resolve disputes or queries with the Department of Customs and Excise. Some of the areas include

  • Application for leniency in the imposing of Fines and Penalties.
  • Compiling of motivations and legal argument in disputes of tariff determination.
  • Negotiating Refunds of duties overpaid.
  • Resolving of Customs Value queries raised by Customs.

Customs Duty Recovery Service
There are many instances where importers or their agents are customs clearing goods under the incorrect customs tariffs and are paying incorrect duties. The Customs Act permits the importer to claim back all overpaid duties for previous consignments up to a period of two years.
Customs Services has been extremely successful in negotiating customs refunds.
We simply investigate the tariffs currently being used and where we are successful in proving to customs that incorrect tariffs have been used we submit refund claims to customs on the importers behalf.
The service is conducted for an agreed percentage of claims actually paid by customs. Should we be unsuccessful no charge is levied.

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